We organize your excursions

The excursions, which initially pass through Grande Comore, Moheli and Anjouan, offer wonderful views over the islands in the higher regions.

Choice of the holiday resort on the island

If you want to do a lot of things on the islands, Comoros-Guide will book hotels, holiday apartments and bungalows for you in each region. This way you can shorten the journey to the respective sights and you can use the change day from one hotel to another for a leisurely sightseeing tour.

On Grande Comore you can drive 200 km from north to south and visit the tourist attractions

The Highlights

  • Trou de Prophet with diving ground

  • The capital Moroni with its great National Museum (CNDRS) and here you can read political, economic, colonial history of the Comoros

  • Markets, Shopping, old colonial buildings

  • The volcano Mont Karthala, which can be climbed with mountain guides

  • The wonderful palm beaches across the archipelago

  • Discovering the culture through the Comorian weddings in different cities

  • The Salt lake in the north of the island

Moheli Marine Park
Whether swimming, snorkelling, diving or even just on a boat, the Moheli Marine Park, located west of the Comoros island of the same name should definitely be on your to-do list. The park is home to exotic fish, corals and endangered sea turtles. And what could be better than to stop for a bite to eat in one of the rustic restaurants in the evening after a wonderful day in all its underwater splendour and enjoy a typical local dish.